The Story of me and a Domineering Boss

Domineering boss, not just a description for an occupation, if you are familiar with Chinese romance literature, you would know what I mean, so a domineering boss, as a character stereotype, good body, good looks, super rich, dominant, alpha, leader, cold and cruel to the whole world, only kind to the person he loves, so how would you capture his heart?


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The latest and hotest identical domineering boss would be Christian Grey from Fifty shades of Grey, the latest movie, Fifty Shades Darker, continues the ending from Fifty Shades of Grey, that Ana could not tolerate Christian's hobbies, and decides to leave him, this new movie basically is about how Christian misses her, and won her back, so let's see what is it that makes Christian so obsess with Ana that he just had to get her back? Today we are going to talk about the two styling in Fifty Shades Darker, the proposal makeup and the lipstick worn through the whole movie, let's take a look...


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The dress from this scene is Dianevon Furstenberg, it is a very beautiful, elegant, and chic, unfortunately sold out at the moment~

Dianevon Furstenberg

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Let's talk about the lipstick that has been used in this scene, which is also the lipstick that has been used throughout the whole movie, it is Ilia Lipstick in Arabian Knights, a dark berry color, suitable for girls with white skin, please do google more infos if you are interested in this brand or this lipstick, in this article I am going to introduce another lipstick that is a similar shade, that could replace the one used in movie, from the purest New Zealand, Antipodes, Oriental Bay Plum Lipstick, this lipstick is one of the newest launched lipsticks in Antipodes, it is very moisturize and made with natural ingredients so therefore it is safe for pregnant women to use as well.


Antipodes Oriental Bay Plum Lipstick

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From the proposal scene, dress worn is Narciso Rodriguez’s Spring 2016 line, (Also sold out at the moment!)


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Narciso Rodriguez’s Spring 2016 line

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This dress with the classic red lips, a really amazing style, here MAC Lip Pencil in “Cherry” and MAC Retro Matte Liquid Lipcolour in “Feel So Grand” was used, I went to a local store and tried MAC Liquid Lipcolour, it is not the type I would go for, it is more of a lip gloss rather than lipstick, which is a little thick, the color barely comes off, and the downside is it feels like paint to me, for those who doesn't really adore the Lipcolour series, it is a shame that Antipodes stopped producing their classic red- Hungry like a wolf, but you could replace it with Austarlian brand, Natio, Ruby lipstick, color also barely comes off, however, if you are to kiss someone really hard then it will definitely come off....


Natio Ruby Lipstick


Truthfully, makeup is not as direct as a sexy lingerie, how would a smarty pants like me forget?



This sexy night gown comes from Gainreel, a brand from China, even a female like me would start nose bleed, how is it not intriguing?

This sexy night gown comes from a brand under Gainreel, lace, hollow, backless, sooo sexy.....


How about two pairs of sexy lingeries as well?



Realwill, another brand that comes from China, wired bra, could have the effect of a slight lift to your breasts, the back straps uses lacey hollow design, enhance the sensual feeling, the knickers also uses the lacey hollow design, this pair would show a little bit of skin without the exposure feeling.


This pair also comes from Realwill, the whole bra has the full cup hollow design, ladies with a conservative mind may think that it is too exposed, but worry not, ladies, there are some pasties that could cover your nipples, so don't be too shy~


So, that's it for the ladies, but what if you are a guy and want to be an attractive domineering boss like Christian Grey?


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Let me whisper quietly to you, it is so easy! Flowers, lipstick and wine, every single special occasions and anniversaries, if you don't know how to pick the color of lipstick, that is totally fine, we also have flower and wine.


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My personal favorite, First Knight, Must Have for wedding gift, it is strange the label is First Night but still promote as First Knight, anyhow, quote from their website that if you have this on your first night of your wedding, you will have your happily ever after, sweet lives together forever, it has wold known Manukau Honey, antioxidant and repair qualities, tastes quite sweet, even though the taste is really good, don't drink too much as this is an alcohol with 30% alcohol percentage, so the aftereffect is still quite strong, and again, perfect for wedding anniversaries and Valentine's days.


Not fond of First Knight? That's alright, we have more instored, there are many female that has liked Hello Kitty at some point in their lives, when you think of Hello Kitty, the image of all that pink, and the princess dreams, how's that? Feeling what I am saying? A few years back, the company of Hello Kitty, Sanrio has worked with an Italian wine brewery to produce a series of Hello Kitty wine, all produced with fine grapes from Italy, pretty package, how many ladies could refuse that? (Unfortunately due to the New Zealand Law, we are able to sale it in New Zealand) I want to strongly recomment the Rose Sparkling Wine Limited Edition, this sparkling wine is limited worldwide, first in first serve~ the people who buy this wine could also receive a hello kitty pendant with Italian flag that comes with the wine.



If you think gifting wine is too cliche, and want to be a warming guy, then why not write a Lettre à l'avenir to your girlfriend/wife, imagine the happiness she will feel when she receives it on your special days, our storage time will be within one year, don't wait any longer, time is flying away~