A little Self Into of The Creator

Hello everyone, I am the creator of this website, the name is Katerina Wen, my official birth date is 20th of February, unofficial birth date, well, that’s for me for some me time, I am in between Pisces and Aquarius most of people might know me with another names, but in order to get customers to understand what type of person they are buying things from, and make them comfy, I figured I should write a self intro. One very common Chinese Nickname I had was “bun” because my name was “a bun who is starting a business”,“bun” comes from “bun face” (bao zi lian) which pretty much means baby fat face, chubby face, so please, dun call me a bun, thank you very much.

First of all, I am an OCD, I have been building Sissi from scratch, I would not allow anything that may jeopardize it, but then off course it doesn’t mean that the website has not been down before, for those that has supported me and still supporting me, and those working behind me while I was the picky bitchy boss, words could not express my appreciations, but I thank all of you for that.

I have said in my intro earlier, I am in-between Pisces and Aquarius, I have the dreamy quality of Pisces , and the imaginary qualities of Aquarius, which means I am quite confident to say, I can handle all types of girls, so if you are trying to pursue anyone, I will help you to find the right gift, and make you successful~

I have been living in New Zealand since I was a child, but under the whole loving your country influence of my mother, though I am not rejecting any products from any other countries, I still love the Chinese traditional culture very much, but then off course there is a possibility of me living in the Qing Dynasty in my previous life? Lol, love love love Qing Dynasty, I am also very fond of martial arts, but don’t get me wrong, I don’t practice any martial arts, who says fond of martial arts you must be good in sports and/or martial arts? Have you read the Demi-Gods and Semi-Devils? The character, YuYan Wang reads all martial arts literature in order to help her cousin with martial arts, so she could recognize martial arts, but she doesn’t practice any martial arts at all, and she was a beauty, I once was very fond calling myself YuYan who’s surname is not Wang, only difference was, I got her wit, not her beauty, lol, words could hardly describe my love to the ancient cultures, so, if you have seen someone with a Qipao, the Chinese student uniform from the early 1900s, Kimono, or Mid Victorian Dress, then, there is a very big possibility that you have ran into me, lol, I have been “fighting” with skincare for a while now, and I have had some experience with testing making skincare, so if there’s any problems regarding to your skin, I might have the answer~

In my free time I like to watch American TV series, loved TV series about other dynasties, but it is a shame there are very limited good written script in China right now, so more of a “listening” thing rather than “watching” now…Loved martial arts TV series made by TVB in the 80s, sometime I watch entertaining shows, mainly Chinese ones, games…well…I do play, but it is more like when I remembered then I play, if I don’t remember I don’t play at all, so I am kinda like the “pig teammate” or stupid teammate kind of person, lol, because my struggles with wifi in New Zealand, and I am busy at work now, really really barely go online games, I like to travel to places in my spare time, so I will set up a travel blog, (trying to keep it updated is another story, lol), hopefully it will give you a different experience~

I love to study all sorts of languages, can’t resist French, (And not resistant to most French guys, lol don’t know why, probably my previous husband from previous live is French???lol)

Two of my favourite Actors right now is mix French and other countries, love love love them~~~François Arnaud and Joesph Morgan~~~~~

I have near to a full time worth of workload, and I have the world known
procrastination and OCD, so sometimes I post articles first, the update of the products will probably slow down a bit, please pardon me, thank you, love you all, xoxo~