Where is your products originated from?
Our products are produced in all parts of world, China, Korea, Japan, USA, and more!

Why are your product so expensive?
Because we do our best to get the best quality of service and products to our Queens.

Can you guarantee your product is 100% real?
Yes! Because the manufacturers of brands are different, results will vary between different ethnic groups and flavors may vary depending on origin, which leads some customer thinking that they have bought a "fake" product, which is not the truth at all. i,e, YSL in France obviously have a different manufacture with the YSL in Asia. Shiseido in New Zealand different to Shiseido in Japan, and so on. They are different because the local manufacture may change the formula slightly in order to suit the locals' skin or tastes better, so results will definitely be varied.

Can you ensure that your product is safe to use?
Yes, we use the products before we even put the product on our website, so yes, we can ensure you that every product is safe, However, some customers may have some allergy reactions to certain chemical or ingredients. i,e, two very common allergy source for cosmetic products- paraben & chamomile, and peanut and milk for food.  Please consult our customer representative about your allergies so we could choose the best product that suits you the best. *Because some allergy source may react slower than the others, we strongly suggest that when you use the product for the first time please put a little bit on your inner wrist or elbow and wait at least 24 hours to see if a reaction has occurred. If any allergy reactions has occurred with any of our products (that includes snacks, cosmetic products, skincare, etc.) , please see your doctors right away.

For more information on allergies, please read from these links: 


How long does it take for you to send your products and how long does it take for us (customers) receive?

It usually takes us 3 working days to get your package ready for deliver, however if a certain product you have asked for is unavailable it may take up to 2 to 3 weeks for us to transfer the product, then deliver it to you. Depending on the destination, receiving times will vary as well, but we will provide you your tracking number so you will always be able to track your item.

Where do you send your parcels from and where do you store them?

We have two main store sites for us to store our products, one in New Zealand, and one in China, depending on what you are purchasing and where you are sending to, locations will be different. For New Zealand customers, the products will be sending from Auckland, customers purchasing from China mainland, the products will be sending from China mainland by local freight companies, For other parts of the world, we will have staff taking the products to Hong Kong and send from Hong Kong, and that includes Hong Kong local as well.

Does your price include tax and will you clear the custom for us if the product has been stopped?

Only deliveries to New Zealand, China, Hong Kong will include tax, we do not have the service and obligation to clear the custom for you. It is up to you to decide whether to pay your tax or organize it to be returned to us, however, you will have to pay for the fees that may apply (the freight to your destinations also included).

What if we want to return the products that we purchased from you?

You could return only under one condition, that is ONLY IF the package is not opened and unused, once it is opened we will not accept the return, *(this policy does not apply to jewelries and accessories)For returning address please kindly consult our customer representative.We would return your money once we have received the product *(the freight that occurred during the sending and returning process will not be included.).