How to find the perfect bra fitting?

How to find the perfect bra fitting?
Warning:There are different types of ways to get your bra size, but we do recommend the method below. 
*To get your upper bust measurements you need to wrap measuring tape loosely across the fullest part of your chest which (your nipple area).
*You will need to wrap measuring tape underneath your breasts, make sure the tape is parallel to the floor, if you were undressed while you measure, please do not forget to gently lift up your breasts.
Get your measurements handy and let's do some math!
Upper bust-Lower bust=Bra Size
Warning: some countries uses inches to calculate while some countries uses centimeter, so we have made both charts for you to choosing easier, also very handy if you are purchasing brands from other countries with different system.


For everybody's convenience, we also provide the bra size comparison table below, for you to choose the best suited bra size.