We are currently counting down the days in 2017, and will soon be in 2018, what would you want to wave goodbye in the 2017 and what do you want to wave hello to in 2018?
For me, lots had happened in 2017, first thing that I am going to say is BITCOIN!!!!! Yup, the one that everyone is talking about, made it on multiple countries’ headlines across the world, that one, went from 6000USD to 20,000USD, bitcoin is a 100% black horse, and it derived etherium, bitcoin cash and more, but also with bitcoin, lost almost half of my funds, need to be very careful with investing…P.s. Is anybody familiar with the platform PLUS500?
2017 for me is a year of burning money, and I have to say hat I have been back to China twice within 6 months, the tickets started the fire, then it comes the advertisements of the website, I do know that in the first few months or even years there is going to be nonstop money burning, but the good thing is, I have many people’s support, and I think the website is ready as ever.
2017, I think I will wave money goodbye…>.<!!!!!!
2018, I definitely hope that I could make more money, hopefully the god of wealth would favor me~
That’s all from me, what is your wish? Make your wish below, who knows, maybe it will come true.

Posted by 艾晓孀/Kat

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Holi On 01.01.2018
I wish my friends and family health and wealth, all the very best for everyone in 2018 Reply to this comment
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