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One thing out of topic, since The Vampire Diaries has been cut The Originals has just recently announced that their latest season will be their last season, personally not happy about that, I have not yet decided that Klaus should be the “dominating boss” type of boyfriend or the badass father…But either way, there are many talents lately, I am going to introduce you to a sci-fi/supernatural series- Midnight Texas (Almost typed California in Chinese version, lol)The reason of me introducing this series is simple, the lead is my beloved François Arnaud~~~~~~ Ever since The Borgias I have been w..
On the 11th of March of 2017, Season 8, Episode 16, The Vampire Diaries has finished their final episode and ended the 8-year marathon, we experienced the character’s experience by following them. I remember, that when I first saw The Vampire Diaries was sometime around 2012-2013, I was in Shenzhen, there was this one night, it was on the TV, and it became the next American series that came into my life after the Heroes and Gossip Girl. I recorded the name and there started my life as a vampire, lol…In the whole series, my favorite character is Katerina Petrova, she later changed her name to K..
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Domineering boss, not just a description for an occupation, if you are familiar with Chinese romance literature, you would know what I mean, so a domineering boss, as a character stereotype, good body, good looks, super rich, dominant, alpha, leader, cold and cruel to the whole world, only kind to the person he loves, so how would you capture his heart? (Picture came from Google) The latest and hotest identical domineering boss would be Christian Grey from Fifty shades of Grey, the latest movie, Fifty Shades Darker, continues the ending from Fifty Shades of Grey, that Ana could no..
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